My name is Mafe. I am a 23 year old writer and creator from Florida.

In my short years of life, I have already lived all over the world. I was born in Peru, moved to Argentina, grew up in America, studied abroad in Germany and just recently came back from working in South Korea.

Aside from traveling and hip hopping around the world, I am deeply interested in all manner of topics.

I love literature, history and social justice, as well as comics, cartoons and colorful cat earrings.

I am obsessed with learning about inspirational, badass ladies like Ada Lovelace and Beyonce. And I also love watching Kpop music videos, trying new vegan recipes and reading tons and tons of books.

BUT, above all else, I love words and writing.

I have been an editor, blogger, teacher and all manner of other things, but at heart I am a writer.

That is the driving factor behind this bloggity blog: PERSONAL WRITING PROACTIVITY (such a mouthful).

Thus, this is my own personal project – my “portfolio” of random ramblings, scribbles, doodles, thoughts, questions, etc.

Here, I will leave all that scattered imagination and artistic disposition and hope it helps make some sense out of myself, my dreams and my proclivities.

If you are reading this, thanks! Welcome aboard this train into the craziness of my brain!

Hope you enjoy it.