Getting Real

Coming off the feminist high of last weekend’s Women’s March (shout out to all my fellow ladies and allies fighting for our basic human rights!) and the sad chain of events of the last few days, I realized I’ve got a lot of shit to say and it’s about damn time I said it.

For some time now I’ve mulled over the idea of speaking more openly about politics in this here blog – why I should, why I shouldn’t. And I’ve actually strayed away from mixing in any kind of political commentary for fear of making this space too heavy handed. I thought that my confessional style served better outside of any kind of policy discussion, anxious that perhaps it would be too polarizing or limiting.

But the truth is that politics permeates every area of life. It is actively a part of our collective existence in society and, as such, we cannot just simply change the channel. Politics affects us all – ALL THE TIME!

The decisions we make come election day, the causes we support and defend and the leaders we allow to represent us matter. They affect everything and everyone around us and choosing to not be part of the conversation is frankly irresponsible and short-sighted.

That being said, in choosing to avoid making political comments, I realized I was actually limiting my own expression, keeping a part of myself hidden from a space that is meant to be open, therapeutic and creative. And maybe that’s the reason why I haven’t been able to sit down and write anything in the last couple of months. Because I’ve felt too conflicted by everything going on.

So, I’ve decided to be more honest in this platform. I want to speak openly about more topics that matter to me without worrying about being too opinionated. That is not to say that I will turn this blog into a list of political diatribes and accusatory posts, by no means. That is far from what I want to convey. I still want to write about the reasons I fail at life, or rant about cartoons and the latest Disney OTP. I still want to talk about my baes and cry over my feels. But I also want to be able to give these thoughts a voice and the dignity of expression they deserve, not forgetting the optimism and humor that makes this space what it is.

I am still a derpy AF twentysomething who’s trying to survive the work week, awful hair days, an obvious lack of hand eye coordination and a slew of existential crises. That is who I am.

But, I am also a politically driven person, and those two don’t need to be mutually exclusive. Marching in Tallahassee last Saturday taught me about community, strength and perseverance as I listened to some of the most badass warrior queens IRL, sang all the songs and whooped for days. It made me want to use my voice and allow myself to organically discuss things without stopping to think: “Is this too real life?”

Because I believe we all have a duty to speak our minds when it matters and we are living through a time when it very much does.

More thoughts to come.

Peacing out.


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