There’s no word in the vernacular…

Halloween is finally upon us! *muahAHHAaahahaHAHAH*

A time of spooky spooks, pumpkin faces, ghostbusting, buckets of jolly ranchers, hocus pocusing and PHENOMENALLY GHOSTLY adventures.

By now you should all be more than ready to go with your evil laughters and crazy get ups, and have prepped yourself with all the Halloween cinematic classics. Because what is Halloween without breaking out into an interpretive rendition of “Kidnap the Sandy Claws” while sweeping your kitchen floors? Or, maybe you are like me and spend the days leading up to the 31st struggling furiously to make the greatest of Halloween garments and finally fulfill your dream of becoming a bossass cosplayer, only to end up looking derpy AF because you have no manual skills and can never cut in a straight line.

But who cares, right?

It’s all about having fun and not giving a fuck anyway! So, HALLOWEEN ON!

In honor of this spookiest of days, thus, I’ve decided to combine two of my greatest loves and give you a list of my favorite Halloween-inspired KPOP music videos.

I know, I know, you are SO welcome.


1) Party responsibly

Or, how to make the perfect Frankenstein version of your baes in 5 easy steps.

2) In the dead of the night… a wild Sunmi appears!

Or, how to creep out your childhood crush by tiptoe dancing in the snow.

3) Right in the literal feels

Or, how to be your creepiest self and pratice your sewing skills in the process.

4) #TTlife

Or, how to scare children who stray into weird mansions with random dancing girls crying on Halloween.


Or, how to knock a group of supernatural beings unconscious without throwing a single punch.

BONUS: So. Much. Face.

Or how to wear silky suits and ruffles and look mysterious AF.

~~~~~HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!~~~~~


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